Rok v Bunkru byl nejlepším rokem mého života!

03.05.2021/ Vloni jsme ukončili projekt mezinárodního dobrovolnictví, kterému jsme se věnovali 15 let. Jak na Bunkr vzpomínají naši dobrovolníci?

Mezinárodnímu dobrovolnictví jsme se v Bunkru věnovali 15 let. Za tu dobu se v našich službách vystřídalo 45 dobrovolníků z 18 zemí světa. 15 let kulturní rozmanitosti, kreativity, spousta nových přátelství vše je za námi. Vzpomínky a přátelství zůstávají. Takto vzpomínají na Bunkr někteří z našich dobrovolníků...

:) „Even though Bunkr gave me exiting new experiences, knowledge and precious memories, the best part of my EVS were the amazing people I worked with. I made friends for life in Trinec. My life has never been the same after my EVS year with Bunkr.“ Oksana, Ukrajina

 :) „The year in Bunkr was a unique path to self recognition, personal develoapment. Meantime, Bunkr was a window to other cultures and traditions. This cobiniation shaped a more responsible, tolerant, caring and open-minded Lilit.“ Lilit, Arménie

 :) „Apart from new and unusual for me experience, volunteering at Bunkr gave me an opportunity to meet wonderful people, make new friends, and learn a lot about the Czech Republic. It was nice to work with children and teenagers, as well as with families from Borek community. Definitely, the year with Bunkr was one of the most exciting years of my life, and I’m very grateful to the organization and all workers for their friendliness, hospitality and support throughout my project.“ Aliona, Bělorusko

 :) "I spent one year in Bunkr as EVS volunteer. I can confidently say it was one of the best year of my life. The experience I gained there not only developed my skills but also influenced me as a human being. Bunkr is not only safe place for the clients but also for the confused new foreign volunteers. Bunkr will always have a special place in my heart." Karen, Arménie

 :) „Bunkr was like a second family for me. It helped me learning more about social work, improving several useful skills, and being creative. But most important: Bunkr gave me the opportunity to make a lot of new friends.“ Chris, Německo